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released January 8, 2014



all rights reserved



In the summer of 2007, HeroinBlack, debuted in its very original form. In true DIY fashion, he began to compose epic and dissonant symphonies to accompany words that conveyed an utmost message of individualism, tolerance, and militant autonomy. The antithesis of the modern music movements, HeroinBlack is happy to appear live at any space that can handle the intensity of his performances. ... more

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Track Name: Cope N Dope
When i was younger all i used to do was slice my flesh away
Let this bloody river turn this ocean to a tidal wave
To drown out all the agony and wash it straight into a shallow grave
Because I fought against the pain but it's the only thing I ever craved
I hated life- there is no good or evil just a sea of gray
So I'm cutting down and shooting up when someone's in my fuckin way
The dieties they want me dead, the governments want us to pay
But I'll live to die another day, so everythings O-fuckin-Kayyyyy

We've all got our ways to cope
I'm hanging from this noose of dope
Love is dead, there is no hope
I'll choke myself with coping rope
Every time this song will play
It takes me back to bitter days
For in my hart she'll always stay
Where memories dont fade away

I grew up with a rig inside my brain the vatos say we locos
Not as loco as the system till at a show I overdosed
Chillin on this coping dope is falling up the steepest slope
But it's my only answer until me and apathy eloped
This psychedelic killing kiss, We prey to greed i never miss
A catastrophic emptiness, Embrace its bliss in this abyss
So take salvation off my guest list, I'm more alive just taking risks
I like breakin shit and I like staying pissed
Wearing this anguish on my sleeve
To give this world a reason to grieve
This Blackhart nihilistic creed
Is the only reason I still breath

In this hell we arent alone
Cuz we're all sinners casting stones
Cut your niche and build a home
Or name that barstool your new throne

We've all got our ways to cope
So I chose razor blades and dope
Love is dead, there is no hope
I'll choke myself with coping rope
Every time this song will play
It takes me to those brighter days
For in my hart she'll always stay
Where no one can take her away!
Track Name: My Reason
I cant believe it's come to this
I once thought myself a pacifist
Now I'm at war with everyone
Now I'm the one that holds the gun
A tree fell in the woods I heard
It left a splinter in my hart
If the pen is mightier than the sword
Then why can't I write these tanks apart?
Twice a soldier, once a bard
We drink so we cant think this hard
But dont, despair- my only friend
Someday, I'll see myself again

I dont need a reason to hate the world
I dont need an excuse to love myself
So when you hear the words I speak
I hope you find the bliss you seek

Now, who's to say that it won't end like this?
And, for the record, I'm still anarchist
But everyone's at war with me
That's my story and history
I've flown away or so you've heard
But I'll find my way back like a bird
If the pens are mighty as our swords
Just watch me slice apart these words
But every stones been turned it seems
And underneath, resided dreams
Nightmares aside, we hide, or cast away
Reclaimed and judged by light of day

I dont need a reason to hate myself
I dont need an excuse to love the world
So when you hear the words I scream
I hope you see the future is your dream
Track Name: Wilted Lamentations (Deified Decay)
Nothing to live for, yet so much to say
This existential paradox grows larger every day
Lamenting repercussions of the seismic hart I lay
In, to abscond with revelations- I don't have to be this way

So much to die for with my values turning grey
With a closet full of skeletons from demons that I slay
Lycans by moonlight- lament every single ray
As the facets of existence reap a deified decay

Slaughtering the martyrs to detonate their glory
Ascending immortally; ignite their never ending story
These altruistic blades to shave an apathetic fuzz
Queries chide the sting of life while relishing its buzz

Inquires of rivalry- there's no place left to stay
Where the bullets like the cats in alleys always seem to stray
Lycans by moonlight- lament every single ray
As the facets of existence wilt in deified decay
Track Name: Brake Away
We're breaking out, of this place
Not staying to waste, I need my escape
Or it's too late, and I'm running away
And making a bed of peace where I can go lay
Not be disturbed, by words
l've flown away I'm high off the earth
Like a bird, haven't you heard, Im searching what you cant afford

Cuz I'm not a part of your corrosive culture
I'm trying not to burn in this lake full of sulfur
I'll always be rebel when there's something to fight for
Not food for the vultures cuz I'm too fuckin hardcore

I hate my state, and their debates
Get too irate to stay, now can you relate?
Fuck all fate, I'm making my own destiny
Its all fake, yea what they say
So I'm breaking into my escape today
Yea there's a place, I can chase
Leave a trail of bliss in my wake to taste
Cuz this is your life, not a race
So keep it great go live it your way (& B U)

Cuz I dont wanna be another anarchist anomaly
Or just another druggie who cant handle reality
A necrotizing zombie in this brain dead assembly
I'll live for more, if you don't get my analogies

When I was a teen, I learned the enemies' anatomy
And then one day I cut the A into my arm for autonomy

And I wear it to this day in my flesh and my mentality
Should it ever fade I gonna carve it right back into me
I've got an allergy to ravaging fallacy
Or maybe just to tyranny and government conspiracy
Track Name: Butterflies
Ever since you were born The worlds been a little different
you're a butterfly effectively earths your sphere of influence
So when we interact our actions become intact
In fact impacting others is the reason why you act
And for that I go to bat for the amenities they lack
So as the ball's careening towards me I still wont ever turn my back
On my empathy addicting me like smack as our world is turning black
and Reality and values start to crack
I may never see your face but I know the human race
So when I say Im feeling you dont say my feelings are misplaced
once a simple place complex design is falling grace
fully Watch the ground get far away now with every step you take
Like the ripples in a lake that turn to waves we're in the wake
Of some thing great our whispers shake but who can tell when it will break
Im sorry if im too loquacious but it's something i cant fake
But you can't say I didnt warn you when you're trapped inside the quake
Who will save us when
My butterfly dies
What can my little butterfly do to keep this world from eating you
Flap your wings and
Fly away friend
Butterfly, butterfly now what can we do
When we all create storms why should i submit to you
Entropy makes a jump, kinetic energy moves
Some call it a theory, but I call it my proof
When the string starts to slip we can make it a noose
Over, under, and round so it'll never get loose
Now we're hanging around just singing the blues
and if we ever come down i got tussin to boost
Im just floating along, Im just enjoing the cruise
So if you're coming alone, you got nothin to lose

What can my little butterfly do to keep this world from hating you?

I cant paint a clearer picture, Does my message match my diction?
What will happen when you fracture? Time will rupture halting action x2
Me and my butterfly we know what to do
Unfurling our wings creating winds of truth
It's been long overdue, but I'm sure you knew too
This isnt new, Iv had a feeling you've been picking up clues
So we gone blow away clouds until the sky turning blue
Something you had to transfuse, in lue of blood I drew
Butterfly butterfly crawl up out that cocoon
So I can see how you grew before our world is consumed

I cant paint a clearer picture, Does my message match my diction?
What will happen when you fracture? Time will rupture halting action

What can my little butterfly do to keep this world from hating you?
Spread your wings and
Fly away friend
Track Name: Devotion
Watch the video
Track Name: Another Painful Loss
Here you come, crawling back, like I always knew you would
But I'm not having you now; is that understood?
I may have loved you once, but that time is long passed
What a painful loss it was but now my wound is healed at last
I knew you were my angel, until you fell from grace
Now every tear you shed brings a smile to my face
The lies were all too real; your love was all too fake
You thought that you could crush me? I dont have a heart to break

You showed me that your love is worthless
Sucked my death out with a kiss
Mark my words you will not be missed
When I bleed solace from my wrists

Now you can spit your apologies at the walls, they bounce off
But you know you were mistaken now you've got to take the loss
And you may be sincere; too late, now nobody cares
I will only come back to haunt your blackest nightmares
We would still be together; if you had only tried harder
Now you turn your back and walk away,
go cry to another
You showed me that your love was worthless
Sucked my death right out through a kiss
Burn my words you will not be missed
When I bleed solace from my wrists
Track Name: Gamma Ray Bursts
When it all comes down in a gamma ray burst
With the stars blowing up and scorching out the earth
Is it really gonna matter who's checking out first
If there's one grave left and there ain't a fuckin hearse

We can't save what's not worth having
But a celestial event from a so called heaven
Can deliver peace and free this pit of penetrating hell into our haven

You won't see it this will end it
We can't stop it this will end it
It will kill you this will end it, this will end it, it's the ending

There's no running this is coming
Shiver as your hart starts drumming

Now sweat is forming, thoughts are racing
Adrenaline? If it's death you're chasing
Tuning out and changing stations
Just think of it as a long vacation
It's something like a freedom invasion
Suboxone for this heroin nation
To brighten up the black we're facing
Subjective view to a little persuasion
Breaking through its fuckin amazing
Pheonix rise from this occassion

When it all comes down to a gamma ray burst
Will there be enough blood shed to quench war's thirst
This decadent blessing comes with a curse
When the sky falls down and purges the earth

And it all goes down to who got there first
Is this arrogant shell just becoming our hearse?
Not for me they will have to take me with force
I'll riot till I'm dead screaming murder till im horse like...

This won't take me, you cant have me
I'm not leaving till I'm ready
They can't take me, so they hate me
You won't make me, you'll die trying

Welcome to the sky is falling down
To pin your pitiful soul against the boiling molten ground

Rally up, revere this haunting sound
Of a hierarchy that's fucking tumbling down

Loot your chaos, in the street
And best of all there's no police
Pray I've stocked mercy should we meet
Or lust for death, and bleed defeat
Oh can't you feel the xtc?
You on the edge? Well I'm out my seat
You dreaming deep on dragons teeth?
We walking death and on our feet
Stay crackin heat -pop- duz your hart beat?
Beauracracy? No disease for me!
We're infamous for anarchy
Cuz when you're all gone we're plagued with peace

It'll all burn out like a gamma ray burst
And we're just dead without a hearse
With no men left to mourn a corpse
Embers to ashes and powders to dust

And should we see this through to the end
We can lite it back up and burn again
Like a civil disobedient trend
For a dysfunctional ordinance that we must mend

Is it that he's onto something?
Or are they right and I'm just crazy
Let's all reign from ashes solace
Rise and ride our utopian phoenix
Wrought with anguish that you cant hide
Closed your eyes and gouging mine
Residing in your lies we've all imbibed
They've shut these eyes- I'll gouge them wide
But we can save what's not worth loving
For this reason we're still laughing
I can take this to the grave and I'll rest smiling

*now, 100 points for anyone who can actually tell me what a gamma ray burst is*
Track Name: Gashes
I used to wonder if love existed, now I know it’s only dead
So I’ve got this zombie clawing its way from the inside of my head
Down the street I’ll black my wrists to gash a window into my abyss
Across the highway I’ll ball a fist to roll the dice where vipers hiss
As ventricles begin to rust, gash my hart and watch it gush
Leave me to my sanguine lust, just pull the plug and let it flush
We’re on the eve of judgment day, so scorch the squalor into decay
Blow the embers in my face, the smoke carries our souls away

Today is winter, the dusk approaches fast
Yesterday was summer and the morning of the crash
In the evening we Fall into the weather of our past
Tomorrow gives you sunshine, but it only yields me ash

Gash me till there's nothing left, and bleed me out I’m filled with death
And if you didn't do it right, I curse you with my dying breath
Wrath becomes my favorite sin, and darkness is my greatest ally
Blinded by the blackness within shield me from the light outside
If you don’t get it, don’t you worry
It’s just more esoteric poetry

Today was winter, the dusk approaches fast
Yesterday is summer now I’m cleaning up the crash
In the mourning we Spring out to weather up a past
Tomorrow gives you sunshine,it yields me another gash…

What’s the use of fucking insight, When your sight reveals nothing inside?
I’m following the blood-trail to a safer part of hell to hide
My hart has chained itself with gashes
To a place with angels weeping ashes
Where the smoke can watch the embers bleed
But there are no souls left on which to feed…
Track Name: Mentality (Sadistic Creed)
Amerika, the son of hate- the poster child of greed
Immaculately spawned and blossomed from a demonic seed
Terrorize the third world with their histrionic deeds
Emancipated the masters- slaves were never really freed
Liberate us from the lies- they'll tell you anything
But we obliterate what you can't disguise because I don't believe
Oppressed and infested I just detest this pessimistic breed
Nothing less than pests- molesting imperialistic weed

Helpless souls in need- kids starving, and yet they choose to feed
Into this nihilistic, narcissistic, so sadistic creed

I sure as shit ain't Christian, but I'm blessed I must confess
They've built this nest of suffering- it's where they get their rest
Digress to test injustices, the world has lost its way
I guess that Ezra said it best- we're living INDK
It's oxymoronic that chronically among the dying lives
And ironically in this moronic culture the living dead will thrive
Bide the right inside- our bliss amidst the lies we hide
Wear pride outside, but we can't drive- we're on a broken ride

Follow this society- it's sure to only lead
Into materialistic, parasitic, war addicted greed
Profiting from poverty is nothing that we need
It's just their nihilistic, narcissistic, damn sadistic creed
The fucking condescending, never ending, evil deeds,
So, come grace our place in poison- bleed into the toxic breed

This is all we reap, when pain is what they sow
If this is all you see, then less is what you know
From a bloody seed, a wounding tree will grow

I ain't afraid to speak the truth or wear it on my sleeve
I breathe to beat the noose of atrophy this cuntry weaves
So I'm never taking back Anarchy Key or FTT
Cuz the red and white and right- their plight will never let us be
Conditioning the denizen to serve a hierarchy
I'm a law dividing citizen, cuz their cause is never me
You'll never rise they're in your mind and eyes so you don't see
It's no surprise that most don't try to seek their liberty
Hypnotized and don't know till you're thinking libertine
Fuck magazines, bring beauty to life you've never seen
Sing an optimistic song to clean this shit psychotic scene
Bringing down their fucked neurotic, patriotic, robotic team

Follow this society- it's sure to only lead
Us to this capitalistic, cash addicted, masochistic creed
The world is full of hunger cuz the only thing that feeds
Is just this nihilistic, narcissistic, damn sadistic greed
Profiting from suffering- then everybody bleeds
A condescending, never ending, limiting cycle we don't need
But the future doesn't have to look a thing like history
I know someday we'll all be clean from this sick mentality
Track Name: Nazis Invented Psychology (Psychotic Brake)
Devoid of insight, mind the darkest diabolical diagnosis
Digest this discerning diatribe against a mental health prognosis
Deviation defines disorder then by default I suffer psychosis
Necrosis treats neurosis? Nazis invented psychology, we know this!

Close your eyes drive me through your head
Your deviant thoughts I'll just circle in red
We can fix your personality
The DSM hates your mentality
But we can work it out some day
Those demons will all be cast away

Let's make diamonds from the sand
On a beach somewhere in alprazoland

Down a winding staircase I suffered a slip
Id was fruedian, but I dont Wundt a psychologist's tips
They keep calling me back, their egos are supermassive
To think that they treat me better than entactogen trips!

Lets get one thing straight-You think like you, I think like me
And I dont need no help coping from you nazis
We're not mentally ill for seeing through your glass society
We do our job curving the bell the world thrives on diversity

Who are you to criticize, analyze the way my wounds have cauterized
Try to see the world behind my eyes SURPRISE youre underqualified
Society is variety, you're only worsening my anxiety
And the benzos you're prescribing me dont constitute sobriety!

Devoid of insight, mind the darkest diabolical diagnosis
Digest this discerning diatribe against a mental health prognosis
Deviation defines disorder then by default I suffer psychosis
Track Name: Separate Ways (Venomous Blades)
Who knows where the sun goes?
I looked for it and I almost froze
Words come to blows
As doves are turning into crows

Are you ready to open your mind look and see that your apathy's digging our grave
Think that you're living, youre not you're just dying, I'm watching you rot and decay
If you make a bed of their venomous blades, on that mattress we all have to lay
I guess what I'm trying to say at the end of the day we must go our own ways

This isn't life
This is a lie they've sold
Oh what a sight
To fly across the moon tonight

If you waste your hours on hating the slaves
How much longer can you stay awake?
This water is vitriol we're raising the waves
And the stakes drag you into the lake
If we judge our worth on the money we make
Then we're selling our souls to the bank
Burning your mouth on the cookies you bake
Then I guess we have culture to thank

Are you ready to open your mind look and see that your apathy's digging our grave
Think that you're living, youre not you're just dying, I'm watching you rot and decay
If you make a bed of their venomous blades, on that mattress we all have to lay
I guess what I'm trying to say at the end of the day we must go our own ways
When you burn a bridge with the flames that you play with you're ignorant for you own sake
It's violence you reap from the peace that you slay and we're all getting caught in the wake
If you make a bed on these venomous blades, your tranquility becomes our prey
I'll scream till I'm blue in the face and I faint or the day I've got nothing to say
Track Name: Spare Some Change
Now, what does all this mean to me?
It's always been, well it doesn't have to be
Just frying in reality-
Is the story of our history
An existential fallacy
To catalyze better memories
There's galaxies full of stars to see
Flippin misery with ecstasy
Change don't ever happen
Till someone's asked a question
And "That's the way it's always been"
Ain't an answer but a prison
Caged behind these walls of sin
Come brake the bars and make it end
Let's ask about oppression, or why we're in recession
A lesson from the fallen- on our action we depend
So here comes this abyss again
The void don't miss, we're all falling in
When the rays of light from truth can bend
Not a grain of sand can you defend
Cuz we're all falling in

If this is how the world began
Then why are we still fading in?
If this is how it's always been
I'll spare some change and make it end

So, What the fuck is draining me?
We'll ride this train to what will never be
Smack this scene clean thinking free
Tradition thriving will sink me deep
This is not the only tree from broken seeds of dying breeds
That will scar your soul and make it bleed until we see our victory
Their values don't breathe shit from me
They'll all suffocate in infamy
Artists speak of what we dream
As life will imitate TV
That's the pain- it'll always bleed
But it doesn't mean a fucking thing
They didn't live the songs we sing
Today no world order police or kings
Rally up against the plight
We'll all spare some change tonight
Prevalence never made it right
But here's something new and bright in sight!

This is how its always been?
I'll spare some change and make it end
It's all fading in
This is how its always been-
Cuz no one's asking questions
Corruption never starts to mend
Until we're falling in with questions now
Track Name: Opium Ghosts (We All Lean For Morphine)
I once knew a girl by the name of Erin
In a Maryland squat- played the violin
Home baking ms contin into heroin
Caught the dragon, now she dont have to care again

it goes
I scream, you dream, theyre all fiends for morphine
I scream, you scream, we all lean for morphine
I dream, you dream, we all fiend for morphine

There was a man, we werent really close
Turned moldy bread into toast, with hosts of opium ghosts
Prone to bouts of prone festivities in an alley
The night his eyelids closed (final dose), he whispered "finally"

Load the barrel, when you inject
Like every shot is russian roulette
Raise the bet or fold the deck
As that noose gets tight around your neck
Twist the rope by chasing smoke
'round; I know dope- it aint no joke
While we all cope and dread the day
I pray on hope- Dont go that way (Not my friends, not that way)
Track Name: Threw The Lake (In It's Place)
Rue the night or lust the day
That everything is in its place
Silent hymns, to the sins we pray
Alluding consonance in all its grace
Breath plundered by her brumous clutch
Hearts tattered, Impaled on a broken crutch
The water's looking glass; Old scratch on his stool
Nearest to the whirl; drawn in to the pool
Greet the storm, when we arrive
In the ocean tears won't dry
Ask me why I'm still alive
Answer krakens with why we cry
Share a laugh, pour me a think
I've found my home among bones that sink
Ships to depths from which I seldom drink
Of wells of inequated broken links!

Just you drown me through that lake
The drought at rest I'm wide awake
Wrench my death and yield a quake
Splinters echo when fragments break
Dissonance in waves we face
When grains of truth evade this place
View wretchedness in paths we take
To harmony left in our wake
Don't you drown me in that lake
The drought is resting, I'm wide awake
So, wrench my death and yield a quake
Splinters echo when fragments break
Entombed by euphonies; embrace
The wombs of eulogies, encase
Their words in lustre, maim your stakes
In opulence- forsaken aches
Track Name: If Violence Is Not The Answer, Then You Have Asked The Wrong Question
It's not a protest if it's peaceful
Loot your chaos hurt some people
Beyond the scope of good and evil
Bloody riots make us equal
Ride our demons into battle
Bleed the moat and siege the castle
Seize the tyrants prep the gallow
Oppression is deep so their graves are shallow
Our rage will grow
We will overthrow

Bloody riots!

If violence aint the answer then you're askin stupid questions
Evisceration is the only way I take out my aggression
Flames and twitching corpses is what we see in all directions
And this blazing anarchy will be the death of this infection
The beauty of a mutiny is the birth of insurrection
Allowing autonomy to bring a painful death to this oppression
For are liberties are slain we need a freedom resurrection
I get down with dissidents and we dont give a fuck bout your elections!

Fuck the police
Fuck these honkies
Fuck their money
Fuck authority

Start the coup just me and you, it's life or death, so what you gone do?
We know the truth, I'll run and shoot to give the pigs the fuckin boot